Fun FAQs

"Hi, I'm here for the Bunteful Life"


Who is this Nancy Bunte?! 

Hi there! It's me, Nancy Bunte. At the ripe old age of 31, I was diagnosed with breast cancer & from there on out was thrust into big, unknown realms with their matching big, unknown words. I created ABL with the goal of helping others navigate through this whirlwind of a path, preferably with much less confusion & anxiety than I had. From both the insiders' AND outsiders' perspectives. 

Join me in bridging the gap for connected living! Wanna learn more? Check out my blog and peruse at your leisurely pleasure.. ORRRR skip on ahead to the meat and potatoes of it all:

What does "Bunteful" mean? I don't get it.

So in searching for a punny haha, get it? Insta hashtag for our wedding, we came across some definite winners including What A Bunteful Day. "Bunteful" is supposed to be "Bountiful" as in, full. You know, full of family, friends, love, laughter, etc. etc. You get it, you get it.

Your website seems kind of mean. I’m not a nerd…

Like I said, I’m definitely a pop culture aficionado. Well, maybe geared more towards the millennials. I get that a lot of the sayings might seem a little off-putting if taken out of context or without background knowledge, but I guarantee I mean no offense by any of it (and feel free to shoot me a message with your thoughts, I’m open to change!).

I draw from many different tv shows, movies, songs, celeb sayings, etc. The point of it all is to inject a little humor into a not-so-great situation. Just because us young adults have been diagnosed with cancer doesn’t mean we all of a sudden cease to laugh or smile! (At least not all the time). We are still your same loved ones from before. Albeit, we probably stream a lot more shows than before haha! Translation: get your cancer friend a box by ABL, they’ll get it and love it. 

What's so great about YOUR cancer boxes?

Thoroughly researched & fully vetted products

One of those realms I was talking about earlier was inevitably the bodycare/skincare/beauty/toiletries conglomerate realm. Certain products work fast to quell certain symptoms so they just get recommended over and over again without giving much thought to the longterm implications of using said product. 

I've now given much thought to the longterm implications.

Did you know? 
  • Europe has banned over 1,300 chemicals linked to health and safety hazards while the U.S. has banned just 12. Yes, 1- 2. Twelve. 
  • Your skin is your body's largest organ. According to National Geographic, most adults carry about 8 pounds and 22 square feet of it.

I hope to break that cycle for YOU by introducing you to brands that commit to "clean" standards with industry certifications to prove it. And look cute too. My background in science (and let's be honest, my affinity for shopping and snuffing out good deals) has equipped me with all the research and problem-solving skills necessary to seek out these quick product swaps.

Fun fact: many common products get repurposed to fit the unique needs of a cancer patient. Nipple balm used by pregnant women? That's a cancer patient's hand and foot cream. Meanwhile, sweatproof ice packs for your lunch bag are now tucked under shirts and bras to give hot flash relief.

Packaging. Packaging. Packaging.

I don't wanna braggg but when it comes to gift giving, I'm a pretty big deal. From the actual gift inside to the wrapping it comes in, much care and thought has been put in to render the final product. Every ABL box is uniquely styled and designed with seasonal themes in mind resulting in a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience. 

Did I mention I'm an aspiring perfectionist? Just ask anyone in my support system who's ever received a gift from me. Heck, ask my cousins. Secret Santa since '99!! Jaykay I don't know the exact year but it's def around there somewhere.

Still not done creepin' but don't know where else to look?

We gotchu! We can [periodically] dish out allll the T.. all you have to do is head on over to our homepage, scroll to the bottom & subscribe to our email list! Problem solved!

If that's still not enough, check out the ABL blog and feel free to roam around a bit. We all know I'm good at yapping:)